When my friend told me about the proposal of his Caucasian boyfriend and their plans of getting married this year, I couldn't hide my joy for my friend. Anyway that was her dream, to be married with her boyfriend right now. So in connection to that,my friend begun to make herself busy these days looking for a temporary apartment  that have everything they need, since his soon to be husband's job rely on the internet. The first thing Zeph , asked on the Landlords she had previously inquired was the visibility of internet connection. According to her it's the only request her boyfriend asked.And for her to have a   satelite high speed internet connection in the new apartment they are going to occupy once everything is settled will be of great help to them.This is the only thing that matter to her soon to be husband, while on other concerned such as fixing the house and purchasing stuff was given to her for decision making. I am happy that  she met this guy who is willing to embrace everything just to be with her. I hope things for both of them goes well and be filled with the abundance of love.

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