As I've mention on my previous post about my friend's preparation, Of course she will be needing the right materials and furniture's for her new renovated house. And I'm good at it, as have the hidden passion for interior designing and home improvements. It's my time to shine and I am going to give her idea where she can find Modern Furniture that will match their personal preference. At least with these little way of mine, I know she will appreciate my help. Anyway, it is my share to do since she is busy with other things right now. Plus, she needed to assist her baby's needs too. Her daughter is growing smart and very active that needs her personal assistance aside from taking care of her boyfriend's concerned and the house renovation details. Now, I'm just helping her with all what I can do. I wish I had the money too, for me to renovate my parent's house. Maybe I need a breakthrough to make my wishes do all come true.  I guess there's time for everything and my time is yet to come. But for now, I'd just help first my friend in her needs.

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