When was the last time you needed to know some things or documents, place or persons that you needed to know badly? I do have times like these, especially when going to unfamiliar place on my own. One example of the incident I know was during my job hunting days. When I asked to go there for an interview, my minds starts to worry everything. I don't have any idea of the place, no idea of the transportation vehicle route , I am going there without any companion. Oh no, that was one of the hardest days of my job hunting. But now, it so easy to track down, trace, to locate , to search everything.Gifted people with talents and skills are a gift from heaven, they made our life easier and reachable. You can even be updated in seconds, searching for those richest people in the world has become so easy. Whatever kind of information you like, the chances of not getting the right answer is very low compared before and thats because of infographic. Amazing right? God is so good!

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