I don't know why I am not that excited for the upcoming wide celebration of Christmas day. They said Christmas is for children and I do agree. Way back my childhood days , I remember the feelings.  Those excitement I felt every time Christmas comes closer. I love it because its the time where me and my neighborhood would agreed to group ourselves and have our own improvised instruments to use for our  house to house caroling session in the nearby subdivision. These is the  season for Mesa De Gallo, the time for Puto Bumbong , the  season for gift giving, Christmas cards, exchange gifts and even wedding invitations are also in during these season were couples bind their love during the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ birth.

Of course my favorite part during Christmas is the Aginaldo from my Ninong and Ninang. But now its different I a now the Ninang (laughs) just reminding me of my good childhood memories. Maybe this is the reason why I don't get excited, haha!  Expenses booms during this month. But there's a good side to see aside from just  counting expenses. Its worth more than the price. To see your loved ones  and other people smile  because of the joy you brought to them, whew! believe me you'll forgot the pain it cause in your pocket, (smile) Happy Holidays!

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