Do you still remember this old saying? "Honesty is the best policy" I am now at peace that I have tried this formula in my living today. Especially at work, I always wanted to tell the bosses what I am feeling over a matter specially when it involves me. Last week I was confronted with the issue at work regarding my status and my feelings over the new structures of our group and challenges I maybe facing while still joining them. But to cut the story, Another opportunity came and offered to me by the other branch of our company which I believe I can expound my experience and knowledge by joining that new group and my career path would likely grow as well. But things aren't simple. I talked to our managers today to let them know my burning desire on taking the new offer from the other branch. And of course it takes a lot of courage for me to tell them my intentions. What would I except then? After they had talked to me and asked my loyalty for them here comes a new decision from me again, Confessing my deep desire to take the offer and asked their blessings. Well, my manager told me I did an impression to them and they were disappointed with my being fickle minded. When I was asked why I am telling them that to them,  My answer was this " I wanted to be bold and transparent with you Sir, For all I know on our last conversation I had never hide my desire to take the offer from your colleague here but since you said you had plans for me, I respected your plan but after we talked the issue on my part did not make me at peace". And here comes the consequence, Disappoint them but at least I had brought out my issue with them and now I won't wander and think of those what if's" scenario.

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