This afternoon, we rehearsed  our line up songs that we are going to sing for our Friday worship. Since this whole month of June our department ( Business and Development Group) are the ones in charge to lead the worship.  Because I feel like I am not that worthy and ready yet to lead the whole congregation even if my boss is starting to trained me  I still insist and make  lot's  of excuses just to avoid the responsibility.
Guilty as I am, for it is like denying the All powerful God and refusing God's blessing to pour out into my life. Even if I know I must be thankful because I was given the chance to offer my praise and worship to God, still I ignore. Oh, God may you forgive me for this. Please give me courage,  I hope he  will give me the spirit to glorify his name  in front of the congregation.
I'm afraid what people might say about my voice. I am afraid that they might comment against my performance. My nonsense reasons because I don't like to receive negative comments,  I set aside my deepest desire to return the goodness God  is showing me from  my day to day living.Oh God forgive me of my sin.


Peggy said...

Blessings Yen...I'm glad that you came to visit me today but I was not sure which blog to choose of yours. It does not look like you do Word Filled Weds. but enjoy WORSHIP! I encourage you to lay down your performance and just allow God to use you & your voice to praise & adore Him as a leader of worship & forget the comments of others: after all it is unto Him...not them...and if they are better tell them they should join the group & lead. You can do this because God put that desire to sing within you & since you are practicing with a group, rely on them to support you & ask God to bless you as as return His goodness toward you. Focus on Him!
Fear not, for the LORD your God is with you...and through Him you can do all Him (if you lean & focus on worship of Him & your singing will flow!!!)

saul krisna said...

blessing yun.... wow galing mo naman...

God Bless you ate