Michael Jackson was confirmed dead by TMZ  news here at about 4:am today.  Shocking news  as i have read on the news online, he was found dead on his own house at Los Angeles.

According to the news Michael Jackson has once been taken to the hospital for a cardiac arrest. When the paramedics arrive on the house of M.J , the paramedics could no longer revived his pulse. He was found died already before the paramedics arrive.

One of the saddest news today if i may consider it. He was a great performer and icon to the music industry.  Michael Jackson's  talent will surely be remembered everytime we talk about an Icon legend in the music industry. Bring our prayers  along with  you and May you rest in Peace MJ.


Imelda said...

i will play his songs each time to mourn for his death. u do it too.

Jm Benavidez Estoque said...

sigh! ang lahat nga talaga ng bagay dito sa mundo ay may katapusan.

Ang biliis nga naman ng panahon.

Ang dating idol idol ko no'n sa pagsayaw...
hayun... ala na! :P

alfafriend001 said...

terrible loss to POP music, he was still young