I want to dedicate this space to my Father , Brothers and Unclesok and my friends out there who are celebrating the fathers day with their own family at home. I just made a phone call to  my father today to greet him a happy fathers day, because i was not able to visit  them today at home. I needed to stay here in the apartment to do some stuffs. Washed my uniforms for the week and do some cleaning here. I also  cannot leave the house since my sister is out in manila, I have to take care her dog while she is  still recovering from giving  birth last June 18, 2009 to a  healthy baby boy, She has to rest first to gain back her energy before coming home.
Happy Fathers Day to all the  daddy  blogger out there. May life comes to you as blessed as God's wants you to experience.


Imelda said...

andrea had an operation? wow so another baby beholds the world. pls say get well soon to andrea.

Salute said...

Somehow I forgot to do a Father's Day post, but I too hope all the fathers in the world had a Happy Father's Day. They are special.