It is a Legal Holiday today so  more employees are thankful for an additional vacation. I'm one of them, but i did not spent my time today here in front of my personal computer, instead I joined my singles group on their outreached program for the children living under depressed area. The program lasted only for 2 1/2 hours. We have 75 participants children ages 4 - 10, we played games with them after the feeding session and give prizes to those who won the games.  I just realized that it is not easy to be a teacher . I just say so, because of my experience today, when i reached home my body was totally tired. Well, I am not complaining just sharing my thoughts of my activity this morning.  I will try to post here the pictures of those children we  had fun today . I'd surely love to post them as soon as i have the copies of our pictures.


April said...

Sounds like a worthy way to spend your time.

Salute said...

Hi Yen,
I think this was a wonderful way to spend time for a great cause.