I remember a line from the bible (I am not sure of the book and chapter) but the thought goes this way  " You cannot give what you dont have". A topic that I would like  to share as a continuation on my other blog entry entitled DEPRESSION MODE. I mentioned on that blog of mine that a friend will come over today in my place to visit me, which she seldom do for a long time after having a baby. I was happy to know that she is coming since I do feel this morning that I needed a person to talk to, but I did not expect that  she was also in pain and needs to receive some comforting advice from me. How can I comfort her when I myself is also in down spirit?  I cannot bless her or give her a good advice, I was  crying the whole time she was telling me her story. God , I don't know what to say, so I was just  all ear to her  and  give her a hug ,  I believe that was the least thing I could do that time and sharing my own dilemma will not help. Maybe this is not my lucky day today but you know the presence of my friend  made  me feel better. I am thankful for that.


Salute said...

Keep her in your prayers. Have a blessed weekend.

Imelda said...

if you need a good sounding board, i am just here. hang on.