Influential people in our country that are aspiring a position in the government  start making noise early this year by doing  forms of strategies just to win the citizens favor on them.
This past weekend I often saw  bunch of people having dinner party near our street. The reason why  is because of the up coming election in the land very soon. Why did I say so that it was a party sponsored? There's a huge banner claiming the credits for the sponsored dinner and the banner says like this " The dinner party is sponsored by the  Barangay Chairman". How sweet and generous the chairman is. I wonder were did chairman get the budget for the party?  the people who are invited in that party were wearing one set of  colored  t-shirt having a  logo of the chairman's face.  Do they really need to do that? I am still asking myself why some of us still grab those kind of  dirty strategy. Some of us think that we can take advantage of those politicians who are expressing their intent to run for the elections by  compromising  their principles , in return for  some loyalty gifts.What about our future? Are we going to disregard that?  What is happening to us? We are not yet learning from our fast experiences  from the greedy politicians out there who are using the masses  for their self motives.

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