This afternoon I dialed  Jollibee hotline, to order a value meal of Palabok fiesta for 1o pax.  Carl the agent,  told me the delivery will take 45 minutes to 1 hour. Though it was said and advertise that they deliver orders for 30 minutes and  delivery time shall  extend when the weather condition is bad. By the way our area is  only 5 minutes ride from the store.  After 1 hour, our order have not yet arrived.  So , I called again to follow up my order, this time  Rita take my call and asked me a recorded question like Carl did.  After that Rita  told me that I have no records of order that day. How unreliable their service are! I lost my control because of what she said.  After an hour of making me wait that was all I will get. I was so upset to hear that from the Jollibee agent. In consolation for me she promised  that she will follow up the store branch were the order was placed. Can you still be nice if at first she told me I have no order as she checked, but apparently promise me to follow up my order when I was starting to raise my voice. How pathetic!  how unreliable and irresponsible they are. She ruined my day and made us wait for nothing. 10 persons have waited for that order for  more than one hour. I wish I have get her full name so I can complained against her.  After 1 hour and 20 minutes the guard in our building told me that our order has arrived, but my boss refuse to take the order because it was very late and besides the agent said that I  have no orders with them! I wonder how many customers have suffered the same incident like mine today.

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