Internet has become a powerful tool in this generation, it reaches out people of different part of the world within seconds, and it makes people aware and interacting by means of online connection. It has made a lot easier and convenient to most if not all user in this planet Earth.  The time we save from it and other good advantage internet supplied us is indeed significant.
While we enjoy the benefit of online information available, some uses this medium for good, others took opportunity to do business. I know some acquaintance who build online store and become successful. And on the other hand, I also knew people who were scammed by buying online.  

I am a huge fan of online store, I buy online whenever I found a best buy of the item I am looking. But before I contact the seller, I also do some research of the item I am planning to buy. Aside from quality, I also check the price range of the item before bidding. So I won’t regret at the end of my purchase. Why I am saying this?  For my protection and be more knowledgeable, to avoid scam. Better equipped yourself than sorry because you did not made an effort to learn.

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