This picture was originally shared by Amazing places to see.  Looking at this picture, I realized one thing, life is for everyone to see. It may be your show today, but tomorrow who knows?. Isn't it ironic that the ones should be in behind bars are the big cats?  it looks like thunder cats are ready for their meals.(lol!)

When I was a kid, my parents would bring us to wild life amusement park to  have a glimpsed of animals we only see in books and in television. And whenever we do that, our parents re iterate us of the character of each animals we pass by. It was educational and at the same time entertaining.

 We where taught that forest,is their life. Just like us human, Animals has their own territory as well. Its where they are familiar and safe. And that's explained why those animals we saw in the amusement parks where locked in grills to prevent them from behaving wildly(which are normal in their nature). Same thing, if we visit the territory of  the wilds, we are to prepare ourselves so we may not be eaten out by the wolves. 

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