New season of American Idol is on and so many talented young men and women are showing their best of voices in front of audience and the judges, whom will determine who’s in and who’s out. I chance to watch several episode of season 13 audition in Austin and was amazed by the huge crowd of talented person patiently waiting for their number to call so the judges could hear that golden voice. 

I remember during my teen days I was also one of those gifted with voice,(As I claimed) Yes I am as my friends and family would tell me. In fact I was selected to be part of the choir in our school. My lola even brought home a microphone like that of rode mic at musicians friend . We were all excited in the house to test that stuff if it will give our voice a clarity and highlight its prowess. That moment I realized that I inherit that gift of singing from my lovely auntie’s and with my lolo as well.

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