Oh It has been a week now since my last visit in here, but this time I have a better whereabouts of my absences. As I have written in my previous posts, I am into new business venture which makes my days full of actions. 

I know it isn't easy venturing into a business line when you knew only basic about the rules, and one of the limitation is, you cannot managed it personally, I mean your not  hands on with the business. Yet, even though it is the sad part, the good part is that I had my family who supports me all the way. So my worry was lessen half a bit of it. Only, I cannot fully express my aggressiveness, my strict policy over them because of my blood relation with my partners. Though it is not my idea of it, still my heart says tenderly. In case where instruction must be cascaded immediately,I have to make sure the message is clearly delivered in way that my mother will agree with it. Not an easy task  but I like the fact that, this business has brought me closer to my mother and we are able to combine our ideas for the betterment of our business.

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kim said...

oh! i wish you luck on that, girl!