This morning we went to shop at Divisoria mall to catch some bargain stuff that I usually saw in some big malls at a huge price. Since I am after for the cheaper price, I don't mind traveling a long way from my place, to reach Divisoria. Good thing there is LRT 3 where it made our travel faster and comfortable. I was with my Aunt and her Fiancee,they join me on my journey to treasure hunt in Tiangge mall. As expected, the place was crowded and busy, everyone seemed to rush around. The place was consistently entertaining , colorful and full of items at a friendly price. 

I love roaming around, entering in some stall that I find interesting. At the end of our inexpensive shopping trip, I got myself a body tube for 2 for 150. For me it was good enough, A bed sheet for 100 pesos and a soft blanket for 250 pesos. I wish to take picture of those goodies  but forgive my laziness, just thinking the process of uploading it and transferring the file makes me forget about the idea, hehe..some other time. While the other item that we got was a pair of shoes for the tots and  short pants. We had lunch at 168 food court then continue window shopping before leaving the place totally an hour after. It has been a good Sunday to shop, happy day :) .


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kim said...

waah! i don't know how to go there! i wish i could especially now that Christmas is around the corner, plus, i'm into bead works lately and i guess visiting divisoria is an attractive idea.. :D