Internet has become our day to day companion for most of us, this medium of communication undeniably a powerful tool to convey message in no time.Through internet we became aware of the latest up to date information around the globe. Last night , I learned from the news that the law that regulates the use of Internet is now rolling. It is now a crime and will be punishable by law when you spread words that will damage the reputation of the victim, libel will be the case. Also, pornography, bullying, hacking and other online activity that is against the law.

What about freedom? Freedom is good when it is used responsibly.Laws that were set to filter real from trash is not an issue to people who uses the internet properly, but to violators it is not an easy thing, as they knows no boundary in the world wide web. My point on this matter is that laws and rules are there to set  standard for us to live a good life ahead, they are not intended to deprive us, if we will only learn to see the bigger picture. And this is just my personal opinion.:) Happy day!

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