I, invited ten tonight to watch with me the movie that my office mate keep telling me about. My office mate invited me the other week but I have prior appointment so the date was cancelled. But today, out of nothing or maybe out of curiosity I  wanted some drama to watch aside from my own dramas in life, haha. 

Let's talk about the movie, before the show begun rolling my expectation was drawing me near to see the promoted film of my office mate to yours truly. After the film showing my eyes started scanning the different faces that patronizes the movie,  I noticed that most of the movie goers  are in their mid 30's and 40's ladies and gents. Men, I could see there faces so serious heading the door outside. Possibly they got carried away by Sari and JD's acting. Anyway  here's my conclusion, the film was heavy. I mean heavy because it portray a complicated relationship between a father and son, a special woman and suffering mom. The ending of the movie was realistic and I can say it ended the way I am expecting it to end. The message was conveyed well , and to some, the characters may have left them teary eyed.

What I like about this movie is that the main foundation of our society, the family was preserved and was given its importance. The film showcase different emotions such as  misery , loneliness, fear , anger , gratitude, love , repentance and forgiveness. At the end of the story the characters were freed from negative forces of emotion and was put back in the proper track. 

Some friends of mine that have seen  the movie were not that satisfy with the ending, which I think just normal and okay as we are raised up together with our favorite fairy tale  character, picturing a happy ending story of two people loving each other dearly. But then real life is a different story that can be more concern of. Knowing that not all love story are right , not every love story end up happy ever after,at times no matter how strong and intense that love is, .. yet  it is better off than together. 

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

nice movie iyan...di ko pa napapanood..