Since yesterday I could not decide on what to do when the truth is, I have so many things to do. The lessons that I have to re visit as the actual examination is approaching fast. Work inside my room, pending tasks and more.But again, I am better off of them and again, I swamped myself in my bed and woke up late. Now, I think am a queen of none. As I am only good at starting, planning but come acting on it , I lost the drive along the way. Did I really lost myself, or am I just lazy in nature.

I keep on ranting and rambling, yet I lack in self discipline.I know what to, but I keep on delaying things ahead of me. I wonder not, when my rank drop from 4 to 2, because of this attitude. Again and again what to do,drop that laziness , Yen,. keep working and be responsible enough.Or else you'll end up waking up one day counting nothing. That's the exact word my friend told me when she learn of my current mode. Wheew..

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