If you will remember last month , when the comedy king passed away ; millions of his followers pay a visit on his wake. What's common in these events with other famous personality whom have rest in peace, are the souvenirs that some creative businessmen do. And this kind of seasonal business do click to followers and an extra income to some  artist  that offers customized t-shirts from shirtmagic  where they make  according to the theme of events, through prints and visual that would convey the message of gratitude, love, respect and admiration to the late icon they loved. At the end, everyone is happy , the family of the late icon that sees the overwhelming supports of the followers, the satisfaction of the followers and the fulfillment to the artist who made it possible for everyone.

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kimmy said...

we're planning to have customized shirts when we have our batch reunion..

by the way, can you please check THIS out?