Some people are born talented and is bagged with creativity, they can deliver on the spot output for a particular requirement. They do not need so much pressure and other tricks to see their gift. And as far as I know their kind is few.  I am not a writer but I can write on my own way, but as they say; Anyone can be a writer but not everyone can write. True, with my experience , most of the time I found myself staring blankly when I start a sentence that would connect me. :)

 I admit I am not good in writing, but I hope one day I can compose a good  article that I will be proud of myself  and could perfectly say that, " Alas,  I did it after countless of trying.yey!  

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analou said...

Ako sis 'ALWAYS MENTAL BLOCK". I find it harder now to write most especially that I am physically and mentally exhausted after work.