Sharing here a good read from the book body language, that refers to lying and smiles and the body language itself. The author says that : most people believe that when someone is lying they smile more than usual, but research shows the opposite is true- they smile less. The difficulty with lying is that the subconscious mind acts automatically and independently of our verbal lie, so our body language gives us away. This is why people who rarely tell lies are easily caught, regardless of how convincing they may sound. The moment they begin to lie, their body sends out contradictory signals, and these gives us a feeling that they're not telling the truth. During the lie, the subconscious mind sends out nervous energy which appears as a gesture that can contradict what was said. Professional liars , such as politicians, lawyers, actors and television announcers, have refined their body gestures to the point where it is difficult to "see" the lie, and people fall for it, hook, line and sinker.With practice, liars can become convincing just like actors.Interesting Isn't it?

So it is the other way around, what the conventional assumption we have, that liars are the ones that smiles the most. Hmm, now I am convinced that most of the professional liars do practice the moves to perfection. This is scary if this involves choosing the public servant to serve.


neighbor said...

i'm not much of a good liar myself, so, instead of lying, i just refrain myself from saying things i'm not supposed to say if it will spare the feelings of someone i care about..

halojin said...

Well, For me its hard to lie because you know that it is not good to do it.

gilbert said...

i dont normally lie thats why i'am easily caught. haha