I had this friend who recently joined the company I am working with, I don't know if I am responsible for his actions every time. As this friend of mine seems to be sensitive in matters regarding work ethics and attitude. Yes, I am the one who refer for this friend to be hired, but as far as orientation and friendly reminder is considered I can attest that I have been vocal to this friend on value of professionalism at work.

The highlight is that, almost every week he is called by the superior for a one on one talk, because of some deviation and other attitude related concern. And because I am the one who refer with him, every time he is called the next scene is that, I am also called by my boss who is the head of the department where my friend is under. The boss inquire on me regarding my friends behavior and so, which when I rely with my friend the inquiries he would always have a defense and would not listen to me. Until one day, my boss told me this friend of mine seems to be unfit and uncomfortable to work with for being proud with his work and for disobeying superiors critical instructions. And so, what to do? my boss even noticed his body language every time they would have a close door conversation, the boss says he is always have this double arm grip every time and crossed leg , which makes them conclude that my friend is not open for a talk and would not submit to them. And so, the other day, I was informed by my friend that he was asked by the superior to tender his resignation until the end of this month.I was speechless for I do not know what was the right word to say that could uplift his spirit. 

That day I asked him for a dinner where I could talk to him personally and that if hes open to share, after the dinner we talk about what has transpired during the past months of his stay in the office , at the end of the conversation was acceptance and that regret at some point. I hope this has planted us a lesson for both of us, that we could refer when dealing on people out there. For now, I pray that God will be his guide when he exit in our workplace. God bless him.

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