Why are we so fond of discussing the lives of other people whenever there is a group talk. I said we, because I myself becomes one of that many oozy men out there at some point in time. But as far as my awareness  now  and understanding is concerned, I refrain to become one again, to avoid such talks for it does not do any good to the bones.Where  it leads trouble and injustice to the person being the character in the topic. 

It's not only the public figure , the celebrity are the victim of these trash talk,  those who claim to be just a simple man, is not exempted from stressful talk.  I have been a victim of such malicious talks before so I know the feeling.And as I have said in my first paragraph, I have become one of those oozy people at some point. And the lesson I got from it is that beware and do not be associated with people who are not happy with the achievements of others, do not be associated with those people who feels like the world is a big file of a trash, that they think no one is better  other than them. Least you would do not want to adopt those kind of negative spirit in you. 

Take for example the entertainment program being showed in the local television nowadays, those people behind the talk show from time to time do cross the line. For the sake of high ratings and more sponsors to support their show. If you ask them,  of course they will tell you its there job to let the public know everything about your  favorite stars.Oh really ?  In my own opinion, Is it really their job to go deeper the life of those artists whom  like us,  has the  same  human right to live personally.

At our work place, some of us loves to back stab  that boss who we think is not good enough, and who we think is not smart enough.But come to think of it, what if the boss thinks you are not as good as you think you are, as smart as you think you are, will it makes you feel the same? as your boss do.And the bottom line, if your boss is not good and smart enough, why he/she is your boss and your not the one in his shoes.

Well, life's mystery, maybe or maybe not. Lord, keep us from talking corruptly, if do not have something better to say, please help us to keep our mouth off . show us the mirror before we say something against our neighbors and friends. This I pray, in Jesus name Amen.

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