I was sharing with my other site earlier how I spent my activity last night. How I fake my energy by  taking an energy drink for me  to stay awake the whole night. To realize the following day my body reaction to what I took to extend my tolerance level. In short my body language says, I need to replenish so I  dropped my body to bed  to compensate the artificial energy I enjoyed the other night. When I woke up in the afternoon I felt the power within me , I was fully charged.

And with that energy back tonight, I took advantage of it, by checking out  my blogs , do some updating  and do blog hopping. Look for  promo fare and chew up a good news in the net.Meanwhile  I was  doing some rounds when my friend called and ask favor. The request was to search  for a plastic model kits  for his new project , that they will be presenting next week to the the board of director, whew I knew how stress He is now these days so helping him could  ease the load, I hope so. :)

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