It has been month's if my estimate is correct that this friend of mine set a date to meet her old time buddies on her previous workplace. But because our time jive with her free days. Last night an ambush meet up happened , I was on my way home when she  gave me a call. And since I do not have pending task during that night, our unplanned date push through.  Anyway, a short introduction for this friend of mine, Her name is Midz,shes bubbly, hyped , adventurous and a runner junky.  She was one of my close friend at the workplace that I shared silly stories and gossip, lol!. And what common denominator we have is that, we both love to to try new things, we love to eat , dine travel  and watch movies. :) . Our closeness begun when we both join in the group dedicated foe all single men and women in our workplace under the care of Cheeny, daughter's chairman. And so our story was written as days passed by. And here's one of the story last night. When pictures draws emotion.

Our bonding end up at the  Japanese restaurant, and continue by sipping the latest craze in town, tea for the missing buddies. Yey!  over all night out was fun-tastic.Food was great , attendants were smart and attentive to every detailed instruction. Nice one, Sumo Sam. That for sure will not be the last invasion of our presence. rawr!!


Gracie said...

Baket di ako kasama sa date friend? hehehe. Miss you my friend!

Irish said...

Surely, you have a great bonding together.

simply kim said...

the last time i went out with friends was last month. we had so much fun!

a visit from neighbor!