One morning I accidentally bumped a familiar figure on my way to school, He approached me then started scanning me. Shocked and confused when I recovered His frame register in me, the conversation flows well and we gave a few minutes of our time updating each other and went our way separately. He waved his hand as he entered the train station while I wait for the train  to arrive. After that encounter I began recalling the past with him , while I laughed at some situation were I acted immaturely during the days.

It was after half an hour when I saw I have a message from Him, I did not return the favor of sending him back a message and I continue my flashback.Few days after, I start receiving messages from him daily though I cannot send back an an acknowledgement. Last night it was different, he gave me a call and ask me out directly. What does that  mean? Goodness. Do I need to conclude with his action  lately? I can't keep the question in me, Are men nowadays really are  good at flirting and are too confident? he seems to have mastered the craft. Wheew.

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