our post new year party, after discussing were to held it, we end up having our dinner together at @dampa macapagal.
still @ dampa, mike your  blooming in here, infairness. haha!
latest of bora trip.heading to our first ATV race.
the perfect smile, love the tan.  taste the bora fever.
hillsong concert @ araneta
halloween ,i find it  natural. haha!
after the long day at work, the night is high. did they say waky? @ bluewave
jlec the bday boy - it clicks fast I was not ready. haha.
When our friend Edwin ,decided to tie the knot. whose next? we will find out. >)
pool party, I miss the group.

posing  while waiting  for the bangka that will lead us to the famous underground river.
hurray philippines , wait for us palawan!

so it's merienda time. better than the coffeeshops in town. :)

Until next nostalgic moment.


Djawa said...

happy holiday., ^_^

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

kailan ka uli punta ng bora.......dami mong napuntahan....pati palawan....

A Mom said...

looks fun! nice pics.