Love month is here and even if the pressure in the review center is now penetrating my being , still I will choose to be happy. :) Not just happy but also in love. In love in what I am doing right now, In love of what is happening of me on my day to day and in so many ways. God has been so faithful and gracious to me everyday and I am so thankful and grateful for the works He is doing in my life. I could not imagine without His guidance, protection, and His gift of the holy spirit supplying me have a brighter day to look forward to.Your presence Lord gives me joy and peace, my confidence comes from you. Good and upright is the Lord, therefore I will praise you and glorify you Jesus.You are amazing! Thank you , Lord.



Soulful said...

right you are, girl! to be or not to be happy is a choice..

jia said...

WE are on the same right track of life.GOD BLESS,Tremendously! JIA