My aunt visited me last night and stays over night in my place. She was the person to first introduce me in the blogger world three years ago , Also one of the person I admire in terms of pushing themselves to their limit.Conquering the impossible to make their dreams come true. I did not expect her visit especially that I know she is busy in her career, but I learned from her that the reason of her flying here in Manila was because she was now doing a new form of investment.

Aside for other passive income that she has, she also is now a distributor of a product claiming to be effective from their loyal customers. You see, she gives me a word that before the end this year, she will be the new millionaire in town to discover. Did I laugh at her? of course not because she has proven us already for through all these years her will and guts. I just hope and pray that God may grant my  Aunt  all her plans to prosper in through God's mercy.Happy three kings!.


djawadreang said...

mhh., nice story., I hope all our dreams come true in 2012., amin.,

neighbor said...

wow! i hope i could be as POSITIVE regarding my plans this yeas as she is with hers, lol!

lina@happy family said...

Salute to your aunt :)