I was once asked by my friend the secret recipe why my relationship with my long time boyfriend become stronger and stronger through out those years, and I paused for awhile and answer him. There is no special recipe for ours I think, its just that maybe the respect, trust and  love keeps us closer. I don't know why all of a sudden he became curious about my life as if he was trying to absorb some details. 

Then,I remember two days from now they will celebrate their 1st year anniversary with his girl as couple, but unfortunately they are at war to this moment and he needed a rescue according to him. So I told him,  get your girlfriend some chocolate strawberries for it would surely melt her heart away, girls are so easy to please specially if the effort comes from their special someone, because we long for love ,care and pampering. After hearing those words from me he ask me to go with him to help him look for his peace offering. Nice move.


quin said...

women are made to be loved and cared for in order they can love and care their man back. matigas pa ako sa bato when it comes to my emotion pero bakit kaya ganon when a man is trying to please u nawawala ang galit. letch!! hehe have a nice evening!! i am following u.

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