"Start the day right" I used to hear this word over and over again every time. I don't know after those words it never leave me, as if I am always reminded that before anything else, pray. When you wake up in the morning Pray. When you go to bed, no matter how tired you are, pray and read your bible. After awhile I would do it constantly for a few days, then after awhile would turn back to my old habit. 

How can I establish my promise of making a point that my first minutes of waking up be devoted to God. It gives me a guilt feeling every time. Today is an example of my being lukewarm, not letting my creator how grateful I am that I am still alive and well cared by Him , and that His blessings overflows not just in me but to my family as well. I remember from a book that says, praying to God is also like re charging our cellphones. We need to charge the inner spirit within us to commune with God in order for us to have a close connection with Him. Though I know all this, still it does not guarantee of my being committed to pray everyday. Forgive me God, but I hope that praying  would become a part of me that I can no longer take off, by Gods grace.


Jun said...

I guess it is better to wake up early, fix yourself in the bathroom, then go back to your bed then pray/meditate. You can not pray fervently when the call of nature is there.

kimmy said...

we do wish the same thing, girl.. though I don't do it the moment I wake up, I make sure that I pray the moment I leave the house and during the time that I've nothing to do like when riding the fx for work..