In the Pacquaio and Marquez fight that was held at MGM grand arena at Las Vegas Nevada. The win of Pacquaio over Marquez stirs up controversy, in the radio, news , television. We had different views and opinion about the fights result. Manny Pacquaio got the favor, making him undisputable champion of 8 division boxing title.The fight ended at 12 round, and with that, some say Pacquiao had a hard time beating his great nemesis,Juan Manuel Marquez, but have overcome his opponent when he manage to keep his title. 

Some viewers says , Manny was not the real winner instead it was Manuel Marquez who really won the fight. While others says Pacquiao's win should not be questioned as he did his best in this fight. While some game analyst has different views as well on how they saw the fight should have come up with a result. The first analyst says that what viewers saw on television is different on what the judges is seeing as they saw all the angles inside the ring live compare to what  the viewers saw on television, experts  says that the judges are  experts on that matter and they knows what they are doing, so we should not question the result. While the second  game analyst says, Marquez did fought a good fight, and he was shocked to learn after what he saw that Still Pacquaio got the score. It was more of a draw rather than a win as he was expressing his thought. But of course even if the two game analyst has different opinion over the fight, still they respect what the judges decision. 

Fight was over yet the controversy is still fresh, two great fighters in our generation who entertained us with their power punches and jabs, share us their time to stop for awhile gather and have fun. Though its not fun to receive punches and jabs I think. Anyway both of you are winners in the heart of your fans and loved ones. So to the Pacquaio fans, celebrate. And to Marquez fans , celebrate as well, as your warrior is truly a great fighter.

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GbSb TEchBlog said...

Honestly, pacquiao vs marquez is a matched game. marquez with counter punching + excellent footwork + body condition + attacking until 12 rounds, he can beat pacquiao. Nice post.