Sure everyone of us had their piece of story over their trials and defeats. But the question is that, how have you overcome those trials when you were dealing that situation. I have asked such question because I was reminded of my trial, I think 7 years ago. I was in a relationship then, and I though I was tough . I thought I didn't know how to love back and I thought I don't need the person and I was just so proud to take for granted his effort. Well, I have learned my lesson though. 

But as they say, There is no such thing as permanent in this world aside from change.One day the man that have been loving me for quite a long time has reached his limit. Then my story begun, things have changed. It was hard at first to admit that I have pushed him to his limit but after awhile I needed to wake up and stop blaming myself. I needed to heal and I know I have to move on. But such thing is so hard to do, I was having a hard time.So pushing also myself to live without him checking me every time, I never thought I would recover early. And those healing process was accomplished through the help of my family, friends, God and productive activity.

My success story over that challenge would not be a good experience if I keep single out myself from my family and friends, if I did not keep myself busy, if I did not forgive myself and let go , if I did not have time to reconnect with God during those time. How about you? what's your success story?


Mhar's Display said...

I am not sure if I have a success story :) But I know, even I have regrets in the decisions I made, my family is working on staying happy and trying to do their best to get along well.


eiji said...

correct k dyn teh <3

Michael said...

I'm happy for your success story. Mine? I think to love and be loved in return is my success story. Take care yen!

Soulful said...

hmmm.. i think my biggest success story would be messing up my life and being able to put myself back together :D

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