Remember William Hung who were once rejected outright when he auditioned for the hit American reality show American Idol. What amazed me with that honest Chinese-American guy was how he respond to the decision of the outcome on his audition, the experienced he gained from that show did not make him let down. He did not sulk in the corner, instead he made his reject version of Ricky Martin song. She bangs, that hits and made him earn his own trademark. So, inspiring Isn't it. This is only one of the sample that we could look back every time we encounter rejection. I believe most of our artist and singers in our generation that are now making their own names in the industry were once rejected, but finds victory over that experience, that makes them more refined in their calling. 


Mai Yang said...

hahaha! yeah, yeah. I remember this guy. he's hilarious =))

Mel Alarilla said...

As they say, try and try again until you succeed. Many times, the difference between success and failure is sheer persistence. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

kimmy said...

oh yeah! i remember this guy.. he's quite inspiring and every time i get to thinking that i don't have a future being a writer, i always bring him to mind, lol! big hug!

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