I remember the last time I so indulge my cravings, where I really tried hard to store up all the foods in my tummy in one meal. Why not? it was an it all you can offer that I could not resist, and besides all the foods are inviting to my naked eyes. Depriving myself that time was a no no. So I went home full, over all it was a nice experience even if we go there twice a month. It feels good to let my taste bud alive and happy.

Anyway, speaking of food, I just read in the internet about a children who got poisoned because of what he has eaten. Poor little boy, I hope he soon recover and get back to life. In the news, it was said that the boy was referred to food allergies austin to totally release the toxic inside his body. If the restaurant will shoulder all medical expenses, it would be a big relief , to the mother. So, I suggest, next time you eat, make sure that you get the best of the value for your money.

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Arvin U. de la Peña said...

saan ka nag eat all you can..