Its a Sunny Sunday today ,seems like the sun is also smiling with me and it feels good. After feeling low and upset the fast few days, but as the saying says -at the end of the tunnel there is light. Five days ago, my bf and I had a fight and I was having a hard time understanding his side because I , too has my own opinion and stand over the matter that ends us  up debating. Then suddenly  He walked out and did not talk to me for two days,in return I did not  respond to all his text and calls, which frustrate us both. But came yesterday, I didn't expect him to be visiting me,while I was outside hanging out with my friends without informing him of my whereabouts. 

My housemate says he was there for more than  five hours already. But I believe it was not my fault, he could have texted me that he was here so I could have at least go home early. When I arrived here last night, they were having fun, he approached me when he saw me and asked me to join them, and  I did. The highlight of that night was that, he asked forgiveness  for the immaturity he showed me and hand me a sugar free chocolate gift baskets, which he knows one of my weakness aside from strawberry ice cream. Yum Yum.

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Soulful said...

whooaah! isn't that sweet? lol!