An ancient India, a prince named Siddharta had renounced his royal background to become an ascetic, desperately seeking the meaning of life through extreme means such as sitting on thorns or living on a single grain a day. One day, as he meditated by the river , a small boat passed by. On the boat, a zitar player was teaching his young apprentice. "If the string is too tight", said the teacher,  "it will snap. If the string is too loose, it will not make sound." Siddharta opened his eyes and realized that all his efforts were nothing compared to what he had just heard. He realized that if a person were to find the meaning of life, he must not go to the extremes, but pursue a middle path instead. Pursuing a middle path meant following the rules which make up a meaningful life. Siddharta eventually became the Buddha, which means " the Enlightened One". 
(Reference: Find real happiness -William Gracian)

I was reminded by the story because of things that we people often do to be accepted by the society, by our family , in the workplace, at home , by our circle of friends and most of all by God. I don't know if you will agree with me but as far as I have observe, still we do things , activities , rituals like hurting themselves and nailing their body in the cross to become holy and clean again. We somehow missed the point that God has already paid for our sins and there's no need for us again to hang ourselves in the cross to be forgiven. That All He needs  of us is our contrite heart and a broken spirit to repent and we will be again pure and clean in God's presence. May we all find the true meaning of our existence in God's love for us.


jokenajoke said...

very nice... thanks for sharing.. God BLess

kimmy said...

i remember watching a movie about that, Little Buddha, starring Keanu Reeves. i guess those people who do the 'extremes' in order to make themselves holy are somewhat misled, unless, they do those things for different reasons.. :D