Mother of my housemate is staying in the house for half a month, I was told of the reason why their mother visits them. The sister of my housemate needs support, I heard the nanny went away so mother comes over.First, I was glad she liked our place and she is comfortable, though shes not used to stay in the metro but she seems to enjoy he stay with us. She was telling me about their way of living in the province, she said the water in the province is free, food is fresh and cheap and healthy too,they have water pump for their rice field for the irrigation and everyone is helping each other. She was so proud of their village that everything is simple. Electricity is not yet centralized but they can live with it. One day when I retired from work, I will also enjoy that simplicity of life. 

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kimmy said...

that is something i miss about the province.. helping each other out..