Payroll is still far, but yesterday my friends asks me to come with them to Divisoria. Having an extra dough in my pocket, I joined them. Good thing we don't have a group discussion after church so we went there after lunch.I even told them we must leave the market before sunset because my laundry needs to be pick up. And as we were strolling already, I forget to check the time,I got occupied window shopping, I arrived at home around 8pm. Imagine we where walking for 5 hours. without ceasing . When we get inside the train, My legs starts aching, my stomach was protesting, but we didn't eat dinner ,as I fell like I would  not  not take it anymore if I stay another hour outside. I wanted to go home and rest. When I was unpacking the stuff I bought, a feeling of  happiness register . At least the pain was worth it, I have take home shirts and etc for less, compare if I would buy them on  mall.  My 700 pesos has come this far ,4 shirts and a skirt. Not bad.(Sorry for the picture resolution.) :-).


lina@women's perspectives said...

Great choices :)

ManileƱa Mom said...

love the skirt! if only i have the legs for it, but my legs have coins hehehehe.