Last Friday, I heard the news that strikes one of the city of Japan, it was past 2 o'clock  in the afternoon when the news of Earthquake that trigger tsunami, Seeing the video of tsunami wiping the properties it passes by I got scared for the lives of the residents that were affected by this calamity. Meanwhile, my friend's sisters where a resident already of Japan , I message my friend right away to ask update of her sisters, and during that day according to him, her sisters are not responding to their call it just keep ringing , the other day after the calamity, her sisters informed them that they are in safe, and in good condition though some part of the city has no power, because the electricity was cut off to avoid damages, so most of the neighborhood uses honda generators eu3000is , including them that's why they were able to contact my friend through internet,since signal in there place due to numbers of cell sites were affected. I hope everything will get back to normal in time.


Zona Indonesia said...

Tsunamis are natural events .. we live what to do to face and pray.. How does the Philippines have Tsunami ?

kim said...

what happened to Japan was a really sad thing.. let's hope and pray for their fast recovery..