As I have posted on my previous post about tsunami that hit Japan this Friday what came in to my mind was about the natural disaster that hit some of the nation this past two years. Do you remember the flood that engulf some of the area in metro manila last September 2009? . The Haiti tragedy happened last year where in more Filipinos was affected also, their cities was in total wreck, then the all star hollywood figures come up with a project to raise a fund for the victim of Haiti Earthquake. Chile Earthquake also last February 2010. Isn't alarming, how nature is coming up to us? . How about flood and landslide in Brazil last Dec. 2010, Flood in Australia. New Zealand Earthquake last  February  2011, and now the very latest and breaking news, is the Earthquake that created tsunami in Japan just this Friday , March 11,2011. 

If I am to count those natural calamities we  experience this fast few years, I know some of the family who were affected by disaster where in disbelief and  still in hard time accepting their loss, but I can assure you, it is just normal, soon their country will be on track again. Warnings are now visible, if we are not to do our part of being a good and responsible citizens, we will still encounter  this events  in life. What we can do right now, is pray for our brothers and sister in Christ Jesus, for the meantime what we can do is pray, pray , pray that God will not forsake us and spare us in any disaster, anyway who would wish for those calamities ? no one , right?

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CHEEN said...

yea. all we can do is pray :) unless you can clean up the whole japan :) haha.