Have you notice those billboards in Edsa ? Some of the billboards  displayed  on the side of the roads gives  clouds to minds of other viewers, some of them are very provoking, their getting bolder and bolder, flesh are bare. Aren't they distracting to the motorist eye? I am wondering how many accident has been  reported  already because of those gigantic billboard campaign flaunt in full detail in the the heart of Edsa.  What was the concept behind this campaign ? So daring, I can't help but think its promoting sensuality. Are they really  meant  that way?  to draw attention on passer by . I know to some, they call  it art, But since not everyone has the same interpretation with what they saw on ad campaigns. It's like saying that its okay to bare  your  all, when you have to flaunt. Some minds are being polluted , they would entertain other thoughts" while staring at those billboards, others may become so idealistic others may think, "returning to temptation is cool" like what  is said on one of the ads here. Do they really have to go this far?
Here are  some of those ads, lets see how you may interpret them?


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, I agree with you. These billboard ads are totally gross and do not have any redeeming value at all except to arouse our prurient emotions. The MTRCB should look into this. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Jhanna Blaine said...

Those billboards should be taken down.