My friend from abroad just came home this week so we organized a get together dinner in the local food market place where you can buy fresh sea food and ask the restaurant to cook it on your desired menu. The meeting was successful , we go home with smile and hope to bond more often so we can update everyone not just on the networking site, it's still different when you meet up personally, you can connect with your old friends and laugh out loud together.I miss the memory,what's sweet of this friend of mine is that, she never fails to surprise us, we didn't expect presents from her abroad because we know how tough the situation in the country she had been working with. Girls got a fat burning pills while the boys got a multivitamins for them to become more energetic and energize all the time, as my friend quoted."It feels good to re unite again and share old time stories that makes our friendship intact through all this years. 

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demonyitogwapito said...

hoping to reunite my batchmates soon but i think we are so busy with our own careers. :(