Am not sure if my writing it here is good, but I just want to share the disappointment I have for this one person that I am also considering a good good friend, a good companion , teacher and a confidante. Lately, this person seems to be very busy that those allotted time for me has been the least of the priority. Of course I feel like a reserve, but somehow my mind says, I should understand and extend patience as long as I could. I might ruin the friendship the relationship if I make the person realize of being so carefree.

But thank God, and thank you to the church I am attending right now, thank you for the inspiring words I am hearing everywhere. If the person keeps on disappointing me, I must not dwell with it, just pray for the person and keep the focus on God, my motivation right now is God, why? because every time I remember how, He patiently wait for me, despite my so many excuses, He is still there for me, understanding me and listening to me. Forgiving me and continuously loving me. Suddenly those disappointment I have for that person, melt down like a butter. And I greatly believe this has to do with the power of prayer and God's grace .Even my close friend are noticing how I react on situation right now,the goodness inside me is working.What a break through.

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kaye said...

very good yan sis. just stay God. wala ttalo sa kanya.