It just came to my mind today while browsing that there's so many job opportunity out there, that everyone can  apply for,  be it in the form of  newspaper, internet , logos or advertisement in the walls, I could say job vacancy for some company is high, and the need  to fill in those vacancy is urgent.I can say this because everyday I receive email notification for job opportunities I am qualified to apply, though quitting my current job is not my priority for now. Just today, a job opportunity pops up  again and in some category for the job finder  column , I saw a job vacancy for  merchandiser, the position is best for my friend whom is looking right now  for a new job , after his contract ended with the company he is working for the past six months.I informed him already and told him to browse the net address for the job vacancy he can apply.I hope he can visit the site I gave him.

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