My nephew will be celebrating 5th birthday this Sunday and as usual my brother is busy preparing for the party. It just came to my mind tonight how time pass by so fast, my nephew is turning five without noticing the year, hes growing fast and smart, wow.

Speaking of stepping into a new stage of life, my friend told me that this time, we have to be wise in choosing the path we would like to enter, My good friend  is a dentist she was sharing me her ups and downs when she was yet on her on the job training, with her co dentist, practicing their profession  in dental office uniforms . With her it was one of happiest moment in her practice, observing those students of same interests as yours , taking notes for the pointers and lessons from their mentor, or trainer. Now shes certified dentist , but I cannot visit her since the clinic have opened last year.  Even so, she says , she became more confident to be of service to those in need of her help. By the way this friend of mine loves fashion seal medical scrubs and it is one of her secret in maintaining a good communication and connection with clients. With her high fashion scrubs sense, her being  glows and becomes more radiant with her ways.

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lerra said...

everystep really important and it shows growing up into the next level..thanks for the post!

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