I would like to plea  if you must listen to me. Please don't let the lifeline be consumed as often as you do to numb my being. Thanking me for my best in trying  to understand you, had given me strength ,But  I asked  not to  over use the word, I might get used to it and you might not learn your lesson. Our friendship has grown amidst trials and issues, yet our bond is indispensable . Our personal differences and action at times sink to my bones, and though you seems to be annoyed too, being my friend it is your duty to let me know of my bad habits and attitude. I have told you already of those things and attitude that makes you ugly and so, I hope  that you will use it as your pamphlet in molding a good character inside of you that you may impart to your followers.

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kim said...

hmmm.. that was kind of HEAVY..