I know some of my blogger friends  already knows how busy I am this month and on the following month, I have three lined up events to prepare. Next week its the awards night and on the first week of December it's my friend's wedding. With that I'm a bit pressure since I am in charge for the flower arrangement in the wedding area. They don't have a budget to hire a professional wedding planner so our group decided to offer help for our dearest friend. And we are given a chance to chose what particular task we wish to pledged. It was my choice to handle the flower arrangement because somehow I had experienced in flower arrangement, and also I love doing it. Though I'm a bit pressure as the event come close, I am thankful for the flower deals I got to choose. With that, I will put all my best to make the area solemn, romantic and sophisticated


ALBERT said...

Thats great
Do your best ate irene

I'm not sure if I can go though

lina@happy family said...

You're so good friend :)